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About Danville Memorial Gardens

Danvile Memorial Gardens is a privately owned, perpetual care cemetery located along Highway 58 in Danville, VA.  As a perpetual care cemetery, we ensure that the care and maintenance of our grounds will be financially assured for generations to come.  Our grounds are lovingly cared for by our staff, and our family service counselors are here to assist you and your family at or before your time of need.

Our cemetery offers multiple final resting options including in-ground burial, above ground internment in our mausoleum, or urn internment in our mausoleum niches or outdoor columbarium.  Our grounds feature bronze memorials, granite memorial benches, floral arrangements, garden statues. and a quiet sanctuary in which to be laid to rest.


Our Heritage


Philip Niland Daly, Sr. was a man full of charisma, determination, love and most importantly, faith.  Phil Daly purchased Danville Memorial Gardens in 1963, settling his large family in Danville and becoming an integral member of the community.  Along with his wife Frances, they sponsored scholarships and provided funding to build the Sacred Heart Church. His charitable trust continues to make an impact on the community to this day.

Our Staff


Our team of dedicated staff are on hand to assist you at all times.  Many have been with Danville Memorial Gardens for most of their careers, ensuring competent care and planning. Counselors are on hand to help alleviate the burden to your family by offering pre-planning services and ensuring requests made during pre-planning are communicated to your family and loved ones.

Our Grounds


Danville Memorial Gardens is a forty acre cemetery in Danville, VA featuring eight Gardens, a 468 crypt mausoleum, and an outdoor Columbarium.  Winding Roads meander along gently sloping hillsides, while white garden statues create a serene setting.  Along with memorials to our loved ones and veterans, Danville Memorial Gardens features a memorial to the unborn and a children's corner.

Our Goals


Our goal is to honor those who lie with us. From flags for our veterans, to gentle care of the grounds around your loved ones, all who are within our grounds are well cared for in a thoughtful and respectful manner.  This courtesy also extends to our visiting families and guests of those who rest with us.

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