Your Choice Of Rest

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
~Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro


Alleviate the burden on your loved ones by pre-planning your final resting place.



Danville Memorial Gardens is divided into eight gardens.  Select a space near a family member, or which best reflects you or your loved ones wishes. We are able to also provide both the vault and bronze memorial with which to mark the space.

Mausoleum Crypt


Danville Memorial Gardens offers Danville's only mausoleum for above ground burial.  The Mausoleum offers single, companion, and True Companion crypts.  Crypts are located both in the interior Chapel of Remembrance, interior corridors, and exterior corridors.  The Mausoleum's climate control offers a comfortable setting for you to visit, sit, and reflect.

Mausoleum Niche

Within the Chapel of Remembrance is our wall of niches.  Here urns are placed behind a glass enclosed unit to rest. This indoor chapel setting allows visitors to sit and reflect on your loved ones in a climate controlled room for comfort.



Our columbarium is a classic, granite stand-alone structure standing on the peaceful lawn of the Serenity Burial Garden. Cremated ashes are kept inside niches behind granite fronts with bronze nameplates and bud vases.  The setting is especially designed to create a sense of peace for visiting loved ones.

Private Estates


Our private mausoleum estates allow for families to have their own above ground burial estate separate from the Chapel of Remembrance Mausoleum.

Bronze Memorials


We offer a variety of flat, bronze memorials to customize for your loved one.  You can choose to personalize the memorial with an inscription, emblem, etc.  We are here to assist you with the design process.

Memorial Benches


Create a restful place to sit and reflect in honor of your deceased loved one who lies within our cemetery or afar.  Benches are placed beneath trees and other restful settings amid the grounds.

Urn Niches
Urn Niches

Our mausoleum niches create a final resting place for urns inside our Chapel of Remembrance.

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Danville Memorial Gardens
Danville Memorial Gardens

Alleviate the burden on your family and select your ideal burial option by pre-planning your final resting place.

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Memorial Oak Tree
Memorial Oak Tree

Winding roads meander along gentle sloping gardens creating a peaceful setting in which to rest.

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